The Photo Viewer allows you to click on the map and retrieve archived aerial photo's that have been scanned into PDFs.

The Photo Viewer application is now available in our Map Gallery. There you'll find a small application for Historic Aerial Photos.

Sample Screenshot of Photo Viewer Application

Note that some of these documents are quite large. You should have a broadband connection to open them. Most of the files should be PDF documents so once opened you can save them to your local hard drive. (The aerial photo's are approximately 12 MB in size.) You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Many of the photo's are not oriented with north at the top. The point you click on the map should be somewhere on the photo though not necessarily near the center. Since many of these photo sets do not have overlap, the point you are looking for could be near an edge.

The scanned photo's are provided courtesy of the County's Community Planning, Housing & Development Department (CPHD). The maps are from the GIS Mapping Center Bureau.

Currently we have Photo's from various years between 1934 - 1989 scanned and archived. Some of the sets are incomplete and do not cover the entire County.

If you wish to view the actual photo indexes used please use our internet mapping service: . You'll find the indexes listed near the bottom of the layer manager on the left side. You will have to check on the index year you want and the Photo Index group then hit apply.

If you come across any errors please contact the GIS Mapping Center Bureau.