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Welcome to the Arlington County Maps and Data web site. Compiled here are the links to data and maps of Arlington County.

New Tools:

We have replaced the software for our interactive mapping site, ACMaps, with a new application. Please see the Interactive Mapping page for more details and links to the new viewers. The new software runs in MS Silverlight for the desktop and HTML5 for mobile devices.

County Street Names

The street names used in our GIS are the most current and official listing of names and spellings. We checked the County records from 1934 (when the board approved new street names) forwards to find any changes and applied those corrections in 1999. We are very confident that our listing is correct according to the County records. The Post Office does not assign street names so they are not the authority. Also if you spot an incorrect spelling on a street sign, please report it.

Check Currency of Private Online Mapping Data

Remember when using online mapping services, companies may not have the latest street data displayed. Be careful not to mistake the copyright date for the date of currency. If doubts still persist, check Arlington’s GIS Mapping Center’s interactive mapping site which displays Arlington County’s most recent street data.


GIS Mapping

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying geographic data. The following links provide access to many GIS created maps and products. The GIS is utilized by many of the departments within the County and is a useful tool for decision making.

  • Find a Map - Access specific maps depicting Arlington County. Maps can be viewed by topic online in .pdf format or you can find links to other County pages with maps. This includes maps of civic associations, voter precincts, streets, zoning, and many other topics.

  • ACMaps - Interactive mapping application with broader scope, more data and functions.

  • Map Gallery - Interactive mapping tools with more focused content. Simple viewers with limited data and functions.

  • Products - A number of GIS related products are available for purchase. To see a list of the current products and prices see the products page.

  • Related Sites - View the list related GIS and mapping resources.

  • GIS Mapping Center home page.

  • Dominion Power Outage Map - This is Dominion Powers's own site showing power outages. We do not maintain this site nor do we have access to this data. This link is here as a courtesy for those looking for power outage maps.


Arlington County is committed to providing accurate data to a broad range of audiences. Below you will find links to our data as well as publications from various departments. Data and publications are updated frequently, so please check back soon for the latest information.

Please find data as well as publications regarding:

Demographic Data

These pages will give you an idea of who lives and works in Arlington.

Development Data

Arlington is a growing community - find data here about where development is taking place now and what is in the pipeline.

  • Development Reports
  • Development Tracking Data Online:
    Approved, Under Construction, Completed, and Demolished projects can be reviewed using this tool. The data is collected and provided by the Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development. The Development data is visible under the "Planning Tab" of the interactive mapping browser.

Economic Data

Arlington offers a wide variety of data and research that might be useful for local businesses.  Check out our "Economic Indicators" for the most current economic data.


Find information about apartment buildings, rent statistics and housing unit forecasts:

Schools Information

Arlington Public Schools educates one of the nation's most diverse and sophisticated student populations--our nearly 19,000 students come from around the world and speak more than 60 different languages. Learn more about them:


Real Estate Assessments

Engineering Surveys

  • Control Monuments: The survey control monuments have been reviewed by the survey section.  All data sheets created by the County and verified are available on the Maps page under the Public Works category.  All NGS data sheets have been removed from the County site.  Also, all data sheets are accessible via the interactive mapping application under the "Environment Tab". By using the "Identify Tool" in the application you can use the link presented to display the data sheet from either NGS or Arlington County.

GIS Resources:

Maps and Data

Find a Map!

GIS Mapping Center

GIS Products

Online Mapping:


Map Gallery (Interactive)

Photo Viewer

Dominion Power

Related Sites

Property Search

Adopt a Street Homepage


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